For entry to ISLU the completed application form with scanned readable copies of the applicant's passport attached and a proof of student status or diploma should be received by the International relations office not later then three month before the date of proposed arrival for us to start the invitation process. It normally lasts 30 days.

Foreign students interested in obtaining a Degree in Linguistics (Bachelor’s Degree (4 years) or Master’s Degree (2 years) should present upon arrival to the International relations Office original transcripts relevant to proposed level and field of study. Students interested in degree programs are expected to arrive before the 1st of September.

For those who wish to have an internship for the period from 2 weeks to one year, a copy of above mentioned documents or a proof of Student Status will be enough for enrollment.

Exchange students spend at most one year at ISLU and receive their degree from their home institution. These international students are admitted mostly under the auspices of one or another exchange program. Otherwise, they are free-movers who sign a contract with the University for a limited study period.

In order to formulate appropriate study program, students should contact the International Relations Office.





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