The Professorship of the Korean language

The Professorship of the Korean language was founded on the ISLU basis in 2002. The association unites the teachers for the purpose of the Korean language development in Irkutsk oblast. Irkutsk orientalists from different higher institutions exchange experience and discuss issues connected with the Korean language problems in association’s meetings.
The association participants meetings take place once in two months in ISLU.

Irkutsk Region Association of Translators

Non-Profit Institution “Irkutsk Region Association of Translators” offers translation services for various professional domains:
Translation of visa support documents (diplomas, passports, certificates, references, education credentials etc.)
Translation of forwarding documents to be submitted to certification and customs authorities
Translation of general-purpose texts, business correspondence, contractual documentation
Translation of specialized texts: medical, technical, legal etc.
Translation of technical documentation and operating manuals for various types of equipment
Translation of books, brochures and other printed matter
Translation of video and audio materials
Translation of websites
Verbal interpretation at presentations, conference, negotiations, business meetings
Simultaneous interpretation
Verbal interpretation of teleconferences
Escort of delegations and individuals
Local English-speaking guide services

Extra services
Search of information in various languages in the Internet
Notarized certification of translations (certification of translator’s signature) or certification of translations with the institution’s official seal.

Irkutsk Region Association of Translators unites the best translators and interpreters of European and Oriental languages.

European languages

Oriental languages:

Irkutsk Region Association of Translators guarantees high quality of its translation services.

Regardless of the scope and complexity of translation, it will be performed at a highly professional level. Any type of media is accepted as original text, including handwriting. The translated text undergoes editorial proofreading for any errors or typos. The resulting translated text is completely compliant with the original’s contents, even when the original contains abbreviations, professional terms or slang.

Verbal interpretation
Consecutive interpretation – this type of translation implies that the speaker makes a pause after each sentence or its logical element for translation.
Simultaneous interpretation – the interpreter speaks simultaneously with the speaker’s presentation, while the interpreter’s voice is transmitted to the audience via headphones or special equipment.
Simultaneous interpreters must have clear manner of speech and enunciation. Normally two specialists work in turns.

The quality of translation is directly related to translator’s skills and professionalism. Our association unites highly qualified translators with extensive professional experience, holding relevant academic and scientific degrees in linguistics and translation.

Contact details
664025 Russia, Irkutsk
8 Lenina St., Irkutsk State Linguistic University, Room 126
Phone: +7 (3952) 24-23-04, 60-24-42





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