Nowadays a number of innovative projects’ development and implementation is taking place in ISLU:

· Language policy and language formation as a condition of economic and social development of the region.
· ISLU cooperation with general institutions aimed at increase of foreign languages’ teaching quality in the network of National educational initiative “Our new school”.
· From interconfessional tolerance to social tolerance.
· Linguistic support of ICT (information-communicational technologies) in control activities.
· “Terra turisma” is the communicative maintenance of tourism development in Irkutsk oblast.
· “Excursion office “Linguatour” is the foundation of students’ small innovative enterprise.

Cross-Ethnic Communications Center – a platform for interaction between diasporas, native peoples’ associations, authorities and non-profit organizations.

The Center seeks to educate individuals who are free from racial and ethnic prejudices, and are able to resolve any social-psychological issue in a peaceful manner through development of cross-ethnic consensus.

The Center offers:
-diverse courses in the languages of diasporas living in Irkutsk (Greek, Georgian, Tatar, Mongol, Buryat),
-classes of native languages for young learners,
-ethnic cinema and music club – every session focuses on culture of a people of Irkutsk oblast.




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