Preparing for your studies

For entry to ISLU the completed application form with copies of the applicant’s passport attached and education certificate or diploma relevant to proposed level and field of study, university (firm) address, the city a student wishes to get visa should be received by the International Relations Office no late then three month before the date of proposed arrival.
Before your arriving in Irkutsk you should know, that all students must register the very next day after arrival in the International Relations Office. You should then apply for a visa extension to cover your stay.

Registration at the University

The very next date after arrival all students must register in the International Relations Office for the period covering your entry visa. You should then apply for multiple entry visa to cover your stay related to intended length of study.
On arrival in order to be registered and have your visa extended candidates have to submit to the International Relations Office the following documents:
• passport with entrance visa
• immigration card
• the HIV-free certificate (if your stay lasts more than three months)
• X-ray examination results
• 2 non-glossy colored photos, size 3*4 cm
• health insurance valid on the territory of Russia (can be bought at the International Relations Office of ISLU) see Non-tuition costs
• originals of educational documents (in case you intend to get a Degree)
In order to arrange for accommodation in time, students are requested to let the International Relations Office know about their estimated time of arrival well in advance.

All fees should be paid on the 1st day after arrival.
For further information on their stay in Irkutsk the student should contact International Relations Office (Room 29, Mondays to Fridays from 8.30 a.m. to 5.00 p.m.).





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